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This is a listing of all hypothetical and unknown expressed proteins that are disrupted by at least one gene- or enhancer-trap insertion in the TRAPPER collection

At1g01130: hypothetical protein
At1g01150: hypothetical protein
At1g01330: hypothetical protein
At1g01350: expressed protein
At1g01360: expressed protein
At1g01430: expressed protein
At1g01470: expressed protein
At1g01610: expressed protein
At1g01660: hypothetical protein
At1g01680: expressed protein
At1g01690: expressed protein
At1g01880: hypothetical protein
At1g02020: expressed protein
At1g02030: hypothetical protein
At1g02160: expressed protein
At1g02260: expressed protein
At1g02450: expressed protein
At1g02490: hypothetical protein
At1g02540: hypothetical protein
At1g02700: expressed protein
At1g02813: expressed protein
At1g02870: expressed protein
At1g02965: hypothetical protein
At1g03030: expressed protein
At1g03200: hypothetical protein
At1g03230: expressed protein
At1g03240: hypothetical protein
At1g03330: expressed protein
At1g03340: hypothetical protein
At1g03620: hypothetical protein
At1g03840: expressed protein
At1g04020: hypothetical protein
At1g04530: expressed protein
At1g04630: expressed protein
At1g04890: hypothetical protein
At1g04930: expressed protein
At1g05320: expressed protein
At1g05385: expressed protein
At1g05430: expressed protein
At1g05440: hypothetical protein
At1g05490: expressed protein
At1g05550: hypothetical protein
At1g05577: hypothetical protein
At1g05620: expressed protein
At1g05740: hypothetical protein
At1g05830: expressed protein
At1g05880: hypothetical protein
At1g05890: expressed protein
At1g05940: expressed protein
At1g06240: expressed protein
At1g06530: expressed protein
At1g06560: expressed protein
At1g06810: hypothetical protein
At1g06925: hypothetical protein
At1g06930: hypothetical protein
At1g07050: expressed protein
At1g07280: hypothetical protein
At1g07330: hypothetical protein
At1g07500: hypothetical protein
At1g07795: expressed protein
At1g08760: expressed protein
At1g08780: expressed protein
At1g08910: expressed protein
At1g08940: expressed protein
At1g09575: expressed protein
At1g09720: hypothetical protein
At1g09750: expressed protein
At1g09800: hypothetical protein
At1g09890: hypothetical protein
At1g10155: hypothetical protein
At1g10170: expressed protein
At1g10180: expressed protein
At1g10220: hypothetical protein
At1g10385: hypothetical protein
At1g10490: expressed protein
At1g10500: expressed protein
At1g10510: expressed protein
At1g10590: expressed protein
At1g10750: expressed protein
At1g11120: expressed protein
At1g11220: expressed protein
At1g11320: expressed protein
At1g11400: expressed protein
At1g11540: expressed protein
At1g11740: expressed protein
At1g12320: expressed protein
At1g12350: expressed protein
At1g12380: expressed protein
At1g13120: expressed protein
At1g13380: expressed protein
At1g13400: hypothetical protein
At1g13530: hypothetical protein
At1g13590: hypothetical protein
At1g13650: expressed protein
At1g13680: expressed protein
At1g13760: hypothetical protein
At1g14345: expressed protein
At1g14430: expressed protein
At1g14685: expressed protein
At1g14740: expressed protein
At1g14780: expressed protein
At1g15230: expressed protein
At1g15760: hypothetical protein
At1g15780: expressed protein
At1g15800: expressed protein
At1g16070: expressed protein
At1g16210: expressed protein
At1g16420: hypothetical protein common family
At1g16445: expressed protein
At1g16630: expressed protein
At1g16950: expressed protein
At1g17360: expressed protein
At1g17380: expressed protein
At1g17390: hypothetical protein
At1g17830: expressed protein
At1g17870: expressed protein
At1g18000: expressed protein
At1g18010: expressed protein
At1g18290: hypothetical protein
At1g18420: expressed protein
At1g18920: hypothetical protein
At1g19030: hypothetical protein
At1g19060: hypothetical protein
At1g19190: expressed protein
At1g19370: expressed protein
At1g19410: hypothetical protein
At1g20530: hypothetical protein
At1g20970: expressed protein
At1g21000: expressed protein
At1g21065: expressed protein
At1g21280: hypothetical protein
At1g21323: hypothetical protein
At1g21326: hypothetical protein
At1g21330: hypothetical protein
At1g21560: expressed protein
At1g21680: expressed protein
At1g22080: hypothetical protein
At1g22230: hypothetical protein
At1g22590: expressed protein
At1g22790: expressed protein
At1g22980: hypothetical protein
At1g23060: expressed protein
At1g23070: hypothetical protein
At1g23340: expressed protein
At1g23550: hypothetical protein
At1g24822: hypothetical protein
At1g24996: hypothetical protein
At1g25097: hypothetical protein
At1g25170: expressed protein
At1g25180: hypothetical protein
At1g25210: expressed protein
At1g25275: expressed protein
At1g25400: expressed protein
At1g25480: hypothetical protein
At1g25500: expressed protein
At1g25510: expressed protein
At1g25540: expressed protein
At1g25550: expressed protein
At1g26120: expressed protein
At1g26180: expressed protein
At1g26520: hypothetical protein
At1g26540: expressed protein
At1g26710: expressed protein
At1g27100: expressed protein
At1g27150: expressed protein
At1g27200: expressed protein
At1g27220: hypothetical protein
At1g27250: hypothetical protein
At1g27350: expressed protein
At1g27410: expressed protein
At1g27480: expressed protein
At1g27580: hypothetical protein
At1g27960: expressed protein
At1g28060: expressed protein
At1g28120: expressed protein
At1g28150: expressed protein
At1g28395: expressed protein
At1g28400: expressed protein
At1g28410: expressed protein
At1g28630: hypothetical protein
At1g29050: expressed protein
At1g29195: expressed protein
At1g29240: expressed protein
At1g29370: expressed protein
At1g29480: hypothetical protein
At1g29690: expressed protein
At1g30550: expressed protein
At1g30810: expressed protein
At1g31240: expressed protein
At1g31470: expressed protein
At1g31880: expressed protein
At1g32130: expressed protein
At1g32160: expressed protein
At1g32190: expressed protein
At1g32230: expressed protein
At1g32510: hypothetical protein
At1g32800: hypothetical protein
At1g32980: hypothetical protein
At1g33020: hypothetical protein
At1g33200: pseudogene, hypothetical protein
At1g33710: hypothetical protein
At1g33810: expressed protein
At1g33817: hypothetical protein
At1g33840: hypothetical protein
At1g35365: hypothetical protein
At1g35780: expressed protein
At1g37063: hypothetical protein
At1g42550: expressed protein
At1g43570: hypothetical protein
At1g43630: hypothetical protein
At1g44000: expressed protein
At1g44890: expressed protein
At1g44910: expressed protein
At1g47200: expressed protein
At1g47350: hypothetical protein
At1g47570: expressed protein
At1g47640: expressed protein
At1g47770: hypothetical protein
At1g47970: expressed protein
At1g48370: expressed protein
At1g48570: expressed protein
At1g48740: expressed protein
At1g48790: expressed protein
At1g49270: hypothetical protein
At1g49640: hypothetical protein
At1g49870: hypothetical protein
At1g49880: expressed protein
At1g49980: expressed protein
At1g50170: expressed protein
At1g50350: hypothetical protein
At1g50400: hypothetical protein
At1g50500: expressed protein
At1g50620: expressed protein
At1g50770: hypothetical protein
At1g50780: hypothetical protein
At1g50820: hypothetical protein
At1g50830: hypothetical protein
At1g51360: expressed protein
At1g52140: expressed protein
At1g52240: expressed protein
At1g52325: hypothetical protein
At1g52440: hypothetical protein
At1g52710: expressed protein
At1g52910: expressed protein
At1g53200: expressed protein
At1g53345: expressed protein
At1g53870: expressed protein
At1g54095: expressed protein
At1g54170: expressed protein
At1g54230: hypothetical protein
At1g55070: hypothetical protein
At1g55080: expressed protein
At1g55280: expressed protein
At1g55450: expressed protein
At1g55480: expressed protein
At1g55790: hypothetical protein
At1g55915: expressed protein
At1g56040: hypothetical protein
At1g56180: expressed protein
At1g57680: expressed protein
At1g57906: hypothetical protein
At1g58210: expressed protein
At1g58420: expressed protein
At1g58766: hypothetical protein
At1g59510: expressed protein
At1g59790: hypothetical protein
At1g59890: expressed protein
At1g60500: expressed protein
At1g61095: hypothetical protein
At1g61150: expressed protein
At1g61240: expressed protein
At1g61280: hypothetical protein
At1g61320: hypothetical protein
At1g61470: hypothetical protein
At1g61760: hypothetical protein
At1g61970: expressed protein
At1g62080: expressed protein
At1g62210: expressed protein
At1g62280: expressed protein
At1g62330: expressed protein
At1g62490: hypothetical protein
At1g62760: hypothetical protein
At1g63000: expressed protein
At1g63410: hypothetical protein
At1g63450: hypothetical protein
At1g63560: expressed protein
At1g63580: hypothetical protein
At1g63590: hypothetical protein
At1g63930: hypothetical protein
At1g63990: expressed protein
At1g64020: hypothetical protein
At1g64110: expressed protein
At1g64260: hypothetical protein
At1g64355: expressed protein
At1g64385: expressed protein
At1g64405: expressed protein
At1g64430: expressed protein
At1g64750: expressed protein
At1g64960: expressed protein
At1g65110: hypothetical protein
At1g65170: hypothetical protein
At1g65190: expressed protein
At1g65200: hypothetical protein
At1g65270: expressed protein
At1g65342: hypothetical protein
At1g65370: expressed protein
At1g65580: hypothetical protein
At1g65690: expressed protein
At1g65780: hypothetical protein
At1g65810: hypothetical protein
At1g66000: expressed protein
At1g66420: hypothetical protein
At1g66970: expressed protein
At1g67060: expressed protein
At1g67150: hypothetical protein
At1g67180: hypothetical protein
At1g67250: expressed protein
At1g67330: expressed protein
At1g67400: expressed protein
At1g67420: expressed protein
At1g67440: expressed protein
At1g67590: expressed protein
At1g67860: expressed protein
At1g67865: expressed protein
At1g68110: expressed protein
At1g68140: expressed protein
At1g68310: expressed protein
At1g68340: expressed protein
At1g68390: hypothetical protein
At1g68590: expressed protein
At1g68600: expressed protein
At1g68940: hypothetical protein
At1g69160: expressed protein
At1g69210: expressed protein
At1g69260: expressed protein
At1g69290: expressed protein
At1g69610: expressed protein
At1g69650: hypothetical protein
At1g69760: expressed protein
At1g69840: expressed protein
At1g69900: hypothetical protein
At1g70020: hypothetical protein
At1g70040: hypothetical protein
At1g70060: expressed protein
At1g70270: expressed protein
At1g70470: expressed protein
At1g70550: expressed protein
At1g70700: expressed protein
At1g70800: hypothetical protein
At1g70900: expressed protein
At1g70950: hypothetical protein
At1g71190: expressed protein
At1g71340: expressed protein
At1g71730: expressed protein
At1g71760: hypothetical protein
At1g71940: expressed protein
At1g71980: expressed protein
At1g72110: expressed protein
At1g72170: expressed protein
At1g72270: expressed protein
At1g72380: expressed protein
At1g72440: expressed protein
At1g72450: expressed protein
At1g72630: expressed protein
At1g72670: expressed protein
At1g73120: expressed protein
At1g73570: hypothetical protein
At1g73790: expressed protein
At1g73930: expressed protein
At1g74120: hypothetical protein
At1g74140: hypothetical protein
At1g74220: hypothetical protein
At1g74830: expressed protein
At1g74860: expressed protein
At1g74870: conserved hypothetical protein
At1g74900: hypothetical protein
At1g75010: expressed protein
At1g75080: expressed protein
At1g75110: expressed protein
At1g75180: expressed protein
At1g75190: expressed protein
At1g75240: expressed protein
At1g75690: expressed protein
At1g75710: expressed protein
At1g75810: expressed protein
At1g76020: expressed protein
At1g76110: expressed protein
At1g76120: expressed protein
At1g76150: expressed protein
At1g76220: hypothetical protein
At1g76230: expressed protein
At1g76240: expressed protein
At1g76250: expressed protein
At1g76390: expressed protein
At1g76620: expressed protein
At1g76820: expressed protein
At1g76980: hypothetical protein
At1g77145: expressed protein
At1g77600: expressed protein
At1g77655: expressed protein
At1g77730: hypothetical protein
At1g77770: expressed protein
At1g77960: hypothetical protein
At1g78460: expressed protein
At1g78700: expressed protein
At1g79120: hypothetical protein
At1g79160: expressed protein
At1g79200: expressed protein
At1g79310: expressed protein
At1g79320: hypothetical protein common family
At1g79770: expressed protein
At1g79780: hypothetical integral membrane protein common family
At1g79830: expressed protein
At1g79860: hypothetical protein
At1g79910: expressed protein
At1g79915: hypothetical protein
At1g79960: hypothetical protein
At1g79970: expressed protein
At1g80020: expressed protein
At1g80040: expressed protein
At1g80060: hypothetical protein
At1g80130: expressed protein
At1g80180: expressed protein
At1g80240: expressed protein
At1g80540: hypothetical protein
At1g80610: expressed protein
At1g80690: expressed protein
At1g80890: expressed protein
At1g80900: expressed protein
At2g01050: hypothetical protein
At2g01070: expressed protein
At2g01080: expressed protein
At2g01100: expressed protein
At2g01120: expressed protein
At2g01220: expressed protein
At2g01260: expressed protein
At2g01300: hypothetical protein
At2g01340: expressed protein
At2g01380: hypothetical protein
At2g01400: expressed protein
At2g01410: hypothetical protein
At2g01460: hypothetical protein
At2g01560: hypothetical protein
At2g01580: expressed protein
At2g01590: expressed protein
At2g01600: expressed protein
At2g01620: expressed protein
At2g01640: expressed protein
At2g01650: expressed protein
At2g01660: expressed protein
At2g01755: hypothetical protein
At2g01800: hypothetical protein
At2g01810: hypothetical protein
At2g01920: hypothetical protein
At2g01930: expressed protein
At2g01960: expressed protein
At2g02060: hypothetical protein
At2g02170: expressed protein
At2g02370: expressed protein
At2g02440: hypothetical protein
At2g02530: hypothetical protein
At2g02660: hypothetical protein
At2g02670: hypothetical protein
At2g02730: expressed protein
At2g02770: expressed protein
At2g02790: hypothetical protein
At2g02795: hypothetical protein
At2g02810: expressed protein
At2g03010: hypothetical protein
At2g03070: expressed protein
At2g03240: expressed protein
At2g03250: hypothetical protein
At2g03260: expressed protein
At2g03310: expressed protein
At2g03320: hypothetical protein
At2g03330: hypothetical protein
At2g03360: hypothetical protein
At2g03370: hypothetical protein
At2g03420: expressed protein
At2g03580: hypothetical protein
At2g03800: expressed protein
At2g03810: expressed protein
At2g04150: pseudogene, similar to hypothetical protein GB:AAC24051
At2g04190: hypothetical protein
At2g04340: expressed protein
At2g04395: hypothetical protein
At2g04410: expressed protein
At2g04515: hypothetical protein
At2g04790: expressed protein
At2g05170: expressed protein
At2g05210: expressed protein
At2g05330: hypothetical protein
At2g05370: expressed protein
At2g05420: hypothetical protein
At2g06200: expressed protein
At2g06530: expressed protein
At2g07340: expressed protein
At2g07677: hypothetical protein
At2g10950: expressed protein
At2g12400: expressed protein
At2g12710: pseudogene, similar to hypothetical protein GB:AAD23023
At2g14530: expressed protein
At2g14560: expressed protein
At2g14880: expressed protein
At2g15240: expressed protein
At2g16050: hypothetical protein
At2g16190: hypothetical protein
At2g16350: expressed protein
At2g16650: expressed protein
At2g17000: hypothetical protein
At2g17010: expressed protein
At2g17070: hypothetical protein
At2g17160: hypothetical protein
At2g17540: expressed protein
At2g17830: hypothetical protein
At2g17930: hypothetical protein
At2g18070: hypothetical protein
At2g18660: expressed protein
At2g18810: hypothetical protein
At2g18876: expressed protein
At2g19000: expressed protein
At2g19080: expressed protein
At2g19340: expressed protein
At2g19350: expressed protein
At2g20100: expressed protein
At2g20190: expressed protein
At2g20250: hypothetical protein
At2g20515: expressed protein
At2g20670: expressed protein
At2g20700: expressed protein
At2g20770: expressed protein
At2g20950: expressed protein
At2g20970: hypothetical protein
At2g21070: hypothetical protein
At2g21710: hypothetical protein
At2g21960: expressed protein
At2g22060: hypothetical protein
At2g22140: hypothetical protein
At2g22620: expressed protein
At2g22790: hypothetical protein
At2g23120: expressed protein
At2g23170: expressed protein
At2g23270: expressed protein
At2g23470: expressed protein
At2g23790: expressed protein
At2g24030: hypothetical protein
At2g24070: hypothetical protein
At2g24310: expressed protein
At2g25370: hypothetical protein
At2g25500: expressed protein
At2g25570: expressed protein
At2g25605: expressed protein
At2g25670: expressed protein
At2g25770: hypothetical protein
At2g25830: expressed protein
At2g26280: expressed protein
At2g26610: hypothetical protein
At2g26770: expressed protein
At2g26810: expressed protein
At2g27240: expressed protein
At2g27280: hypothetical protein
At2g27320: hypothetical protein
At2g27660: expressed protein
At2g28580: hypothetical protein
At2g29040: hypothetical protein
At2g29660: expressed protein
At2g29670: expressed protein
At2g29770: hypothetical protein
At2g29810: hypothetical protein
At2g29830: hypothetical protein
At2g29970: expressed protein
At2g30000: expressed protein
At2g30010: expressed protein
At2g30030: hypothetical protein
At2g30115: hypothetical protein
At2g30520: expressed protein
At2g30530: expressed protein
At2g30760: hypothetical protein
At2g30880: expressed protein
At2g30960: expressed protein
At2g31160: expressed protein
At2g31430: hypothetical protein
At2g31490: expressed protein
At2g31560: expressed protein
At2g31670: expressed protein
At2g31720: expressed protein
At2g31725: expressed protein
At2g31730: expressed protein
At2g31840: hypothetical protein
At2g31940: expressed protein
At2g32040: expressed protein
At2g32490: hypothetical protein
At2g32500: expressed protein
At2g32550: expressed protein
At2g32580: expressed protein
At2g32640: expressed protein
At2g32650: expressed protein
At2g33000: expressed protein
At2g33010: hypothetical protein
At2g33250: expressed protein
At2g33350: hypothetical protein
At2g33585: expressed protein
At2g33780: expressed protein
At2g34100: hypothetical protein
At2g34220: hypothetical protein
At2g34230: hypothetical protein
At2g34240: hypothetical protein
At2g34270: hypothetical protein
At2g34315: hypothetical protein
At2g34330: expressed protein
At2g34510: expressed protein
At2g34540: expressed protein
At2g34580: hypothetical protein
At2g34610: expressed protein
At2g34690: expressed protein
At2g34750: expressed protein
At2g34780: hypothetical protein
At2g34880: hypothetical protein
At2g34920: conserved hypothetical protein
At2g35260: expressed protein
At2g35600: expressed protein
At2g35605: expressed protein
At2g35715: expressed protein
At2g35750: expressed protein
At2g35810: expressed protein
At2g36110: expressed protein
At2g36260: expressed protein
At2g36470: expressed protein
At2g36540: expressed protein
At2g36630: expressed protein
At2g36835: expressed protein
At2g37200: expressed protein
At2g37240: expressed protein
At2g37330: expressed protein
At2g37435: hypothetical protein
At2g37530: hypothetical protein
At2g37660: expressed protein
At2g37680: expressed protein
At2g37880: expressed protein
At2g37920: expressed protein
At2g37930: expressed protein
At2g38070: expressed protein
At2g38320: expressed protein
At2g38460: expressed protein
At2g38590: expressed protein
At2g38690: hypothetical protein
At2g38770: expressed protein
At2g38890: expressed protein
At2g39170: expressed protein
At2g39240: hypothetical protein
At2g39300: hypothetical protein
At2g39650: expressed protein
At2g39690: hypothetical protein
At2g39740: expressed protein
At2g39810: expressed protein
At2g39830: expressed protein
At2g40130: expressed protein
At2g41470: hypothetical protein
At2g41730: expressed protein
At2g41990: expressed protein
At2g42230: expressed protein
At2g42260: expressed protein
At2g42320: expressed protein
At2g42340: hypothetical protein
At2g42460: expressed protein
At2g42470: hypothetical protein
At2g42480: hypothetical protein
At2g42510: hypothetical protein
At2g42860: expressed protein
At2g42950: expressed protein
At2g42975: expressed protein
At2g43070: expressed protein
At2g43210: expressed protein
At2g43250: expressed protein
At2g44000: hypothetical protein
At2g44020: expressed protein
At2g44040: expressed protein
At2g44190: expressed protein
At2g44240: expressed protein
At2g44250: expressed protein
At2g44260: expressed protein
At2g44280: expressed protein
At2g44430: expressed protein
At2g44735: hypothetical protein
At2g44930: expressed protein
At2g45320: expressed protein
At2g45500: hypothetical protein
At2g45540: expressed protein
At2g45620: expressed protein
At2g45720: expressed protein
At2g45740: expressed protein
At2g45830: expressed protein
At2g46200: expressed protein
At2g46220: expressed protein
At2g46240: expressed protein
At2g46375: expressed protein
At2g46380: hypothetical protein
At2g46640: hypothetical protein
At2g46890: expressed protein
At2g46920: expressed protein
At2g46980: expressed protein
At2g47115: expressed protein
At2g47290: hypothetical protein
At2g47480: expressed protein
At2g47530: hypothetical protein
At2g47560: hypothetical protein
At2g47720: expressed protein
At2g47780: expressed protein
At2g47840: expressed protein
At2g47850: expressed protein
At2g47910: expressed protein
At2g47950: expressed protein
At2g47970: expressed protein
At2g48040: expressed protein
At2g48060: hypothetical protein
At2g48070: expressed protein
At2g48090: expressed protein
At2g48110: hypothetical protein
At2g48160: hypothetical protein
At3g01030: hypothetical protein
At3g01170: expressed protein
At3g01175: expressed protein
At3g01230: expressed protein
At3g01360: expressed protein
At3g01460: expressed protein
At3g01510: expressed protein
At3g01513: hypothetical protein
At3g01680: expressed protein
At3g01690: expressed protein
At3g01750: expressed protein
At3g01780: expressed protein
At3g01810: expressed protein
At3g01860: expressed protein
At3g01870: hypothetical protein
At3g01890: expressed protein
At3g02040: expressed protein
At3g02220: expressed protein
At3g02260: expressed protein
At3g02480: expressed protein
At3g02640: expressed protein
At3g02700: expressed protein
At3g02710: expressed protein
At3g02890: expressed protein
At3g02910: expressed protein
At3g03020: expressed protein
At3g03100: expressed protein
At3g03130: hypothetical protein
At3g03150: expressed protein
At3g03320: expressed protein
At3g03340: expressed protein
At3g03370: hypothetical protein
At3g03440: expressed protein
At3g03460: hypothetical protein
At3g03500: hypothetical protein
At3g05480: expressed protein
At3g05545: expressed protein
At3g05670: expressed protein
At3g05750: expressed protein
At3g05850: expressed protein
At3g06020: hypothetical protein
At3g06035: expressed protein
At3g06090: hypothetical protein
At3g06390: expressed protein
At3g06410: expressed protein
At3g06433: pseudogene, hypothetical protein GB:CAB45890
At3g06437: pseudogene, hypothetical protein GB:CAB45890
At3g06460: expressed protein
At3g06520: hypothetical protein
At3g06550: expressed protein
At3g06600: hypothetical protein
At3g06670: expressed protein
At3g06890: expressed protein
At3g06960: expressed protein
At3g07180: expressed protein
At3g07190: expressed protein
At3g07260: hypothetical protein
At3g07280: expressed protein
At3g07310: expressed protein
At3g07350: expressed protein
At3g07360: expressed protein
At3g07370: expressed protein
At3g07440: expressed protein
At3g07470: expressed protein
At3g07480: expressed protein
At3g07510: expressed protein
At3g07580: expressed protein
At3g07710: hypothetical protein
At3g07730: expressed protein
At3g08030: expressed protein
At3g08840: expressed protein
At3g08880: hypothetical protein
At3g08890: expressed protein
At3g08930: expressed protein
At3g09030: expressed protein
At3g09050: expressed protein
At3g09120: hypothetical protein
At3g09140: hypothetical protein
At3g09350: expressed protein
At3g09380: hypothetical protein
At3g09385: pseudogene, hypothetical protein GB:CAA23024
At3g09400: hypothetical protein
At3g09430: hypothetical protein
At3g09470: expressed protein
At3g09570: expressed protein
At3g09730: hypothetical protein
At3g09750: hypothetical protein
At3g09860: hypothetical protein
At3g10000: hypothetical protein
At3g10010: expressed protein
At3g10020: expressed protein
At3g10070: conserved hypothetical protein
At3g10100: hypothetical protein
At3g10110: expressed protein
At3g10116: hypothetical protein
At3g10120: expressed protein
At3g10130: expressed protein
At3g10210: expressed protein
At3g10405: expressed protein
At3g10420: expressed protein
At3g10470: expressed protein
At3g10500: expressed protein
At3g10650: expressed protein
At3g10730: expressed protein
At3g10770: expressed protein
At3g10930: expressed protein
At3g10940: expressed protein
At3g11060: hypothetical protein
At3g11070: expressed protein
At3g11150: expressed protein
At3g11220: expressed protein
At3g11290: expressed protein
At3g11300: hypothetical protein
At3g11310: hypothetical protein
At3g11325: hypothetical protein
At3g11390: hypothetical protein
At3g11430: expressed protein
At3g11570: expressed protein
At3g11590: expressed protein
At3g11700: expressed protein
At3g11720: expressed protein
At3g11964: hypothetical protein
At3g12060: expressed protein
At3g12320: expressed protein
At3g12430: hypothetical protein
At3g12510: expressed protein
At3g12530: expressed protein
At3g12540: hypothetical protein
At3g12650: expressed protein
At3g12700: expressed protein
At3g12870: hypothetical protein
At3g12920: expressed protein
At3g12950: expressed protein
At3g12960: expressed protein
At3g13010: hypothetical protein
At3g13062: expressed protein
At3g13820: hypothetical protein
At3g13950: expressed protein
At3g14120: expressed protein
At3g14180: expressed protein
At3g14190: expressed protein
At3g14250: hypothetical protein
At3g14280: expressed protein
At3g14380: expressed protein
At3g14500: hypothetical protein
At3g14810: hypothetical protein
At3g14870: expressed protein
At3g14880: hypothetical protein
At3g15040: expressed protein
At3g15050: expressed protein
At3g15095: hypothetical protein
At3g15150: expressed protein
At3g16300: Arabidopsis hypothetical integral membrane protein common family
At3g16810: expressed protein
At3g16900: hypothetical protein
At3g17120: expressed protein
At3g17130: hypothetical protein
At3g17280: hypothetical protein
At3g17500: hypothetical protein
At3g17540: hypothetical protein
At3g17611: expressed protein
At3g17680: expressed protein
At3g17740: expressed protein
At3g17800: expressed protein
At3g18180: hypothetical protein
At3g18260: expressed protein
At3g18350: expressed protein
At3g18760: expressed protein
At3g18940: expressed protein
At3g19250: hypothetical protein
At3g19500: expressed protein
At3g19570: expressed protein
At3g19840: expressed protein
At3g19920: expressed protein
At3g20280: expressed protein
At3g20520: expressed protein
At3g20900: hypothetical protein
At3g20920: expressed protein
At3g20975: hypothetical protein
At3g21000: hypothetical protein
At3g21020: expressed protein
At3g21400: expressed protein
At3g21480: expressed protein
At3g22050: hypothetical protein
At3g22090: hypothetical protein
At3g22190: hypothetical protein
At3g22590: expressed protein
At3g22970: expressed protein
At3g23040: hypothetical protein
At3g23350: hypothetical protein
At3g23420: hypothetical protein
At3g23700: expressed protein
At3g23805: expressed protein
At3g23955: pseudogene, similar to hypothetical protein GB:AAD29066
At3g24150: expressed protein
At3g24510: hypothetical protein
At3g25170: expressed protein
At3g25200: hypothetical protein
At3g25930: expressed protein
At3g26350: hypothetical protein
At3g26440: expressed protein
At3g26780: expressed protein
At3g26930: hypothetical protein
At3g26950: expressed protein
At3g27310: expressed protein
At3g27325: hypothetical protein
At3g28155: hypothetical protein
At3g28190: hypothetical protein
At3g28230: hypothetical protein
At3g28330: hypothetical protein
At3g28830: expressed protein
At3g28880: hypothetical protein
At3g29150: hypothetical protein
At3g29767: pseudogene, hypothetical protein possibly degraded LINE-element reverse transcriptase
At3g30320: hypothetical protein
At3g30660: hypothetical protein
At3g30685: pseudogene, hypothetical protein
At3g31023: hypothetical protein
At3g42100: hypothetical protein
At3g42820: hypothetical protein
At3g42860: expressed protein
At3g43310: hypothetical protein
At3g43760: hypothetical protein
At3g43920: hypothetical protein
At3g44340: expressed protein
At3g44780: hypothetical protein
At3g44960: hypothetical protein
At3g45040: expressed protein
At3g45050: expressed protein
At3g45090: expressed protein
At3g45560: hypothetical protein
At3g46300: hypothetical protein
At3g46580: expressed protein
At3g46780: expressed protein
At3g46950: expressed protein
At3g47080: expressed protein
At3g47390: hypothetical protein
At3g47450: expressed protein
At3g47490: expressed protein
At3g47610: expressed protein
At3g47860: expressed protein
At3g47980: expressed protein
At3g48060: expressed protein
At3g48200: expressed protein
At3g48230: expressed protein
At3g48360: expressed protein
At3g49070: expressed protein
At3g49190: expressed protein
At3g49210: expressed protein
At3g49230: hypothetical protein
At3g49270: expressed protein
At3g49320: expressed protein
At3g49790: expressed protein
At3g49900: hypothetical protein
At3g50150: hypothetical protein
At3g50220: expressed protein
At3g50320: hypothetical protein
At3g50850: expressed protein
At3g51040: expressed protein
At3g51060: expressed protein
At3g51140: expressed protein
At3g51360: hypothetical protein
At3g51460: expressed protein
At3g51720: expressed protein
At3g51980: expressed protein
At3g52060: expressed protein
At3g52910: expressed protein
At3g53470: expressed protein
At3g53540: expressed protein
At3g53550: hypothetical protein
At3g53670: expressed protein
At3g53860: expressed protein
At3g53990: expressed protein
At3g54000: expressed protein
At3g54070: hypothetical protein
At3g54200: expressed protein
At3g54910: hypothetical protein
At3g55300: hypothetical protein
At3g55760: expressed protein
At3g55930: hypothetical protein
At3g55990: expressed protein
At3g56220: expressed protein
At3g56810: hypothetical protein
At3g57060: hypothetical protein
At3g57100: hypothetical protein
At3g57160: expressed protein
At3g57380: expressed protein
At3g57400: expressed protein
At3g57420: expressed protein
At3g57480: expressed protein
At3g57630: expressed protein
At3g57640: expressed protein
At3g57780: expressed protein
At3g57850: hypothetical protein
At3g57950: hypothetical protein
At3g57990: expressed protein
At3g58330: hypothetical protein
At3g58370: hypothetical protein
At3g58400: hypothetical protein
At3g58470: expressed protein
At3g58660: expressed protein
At3g58760: expressed protein
At3g58850: expressed protein
At3g59340: expressed protein
At3g59460: hypothetical protein
At3g59570: expressed protein
At3g59630: expressed protein
At3g59820: expressed protein
At3g60150: hypothetical protein
At3g60200: expressed protein
At3g60590: expressed protein
At3g60670: hypothetical protein
At3g60890: hypothetical protein
At3g61100: expressed protein
At3g61320: expressed protein
At3g61500: hypothetical protein
At3g61560: hypothetical protein
At3g61570: expressed protein
At3g61690: expressed protein
At3g61710: expressed protein
At3g61730: hypothetical protein
At3g61770: expressed protein
At3g61820: expressed protein
At3g61840: expressed protein
At3g61870: expressed protein
At3g62010: expressed protein
At3g62200: expressed protein
At3g62360: expressed protein
At3g62380: hypothetical protein
At3g62390: expressed protein
At3g62450: expressed protein
At3g62500: hypothetical protein
At3g62770: expressed protein
At3g62850: hypothetical protein
At3g62970: expressed protein
At3g63000: expressed protein
At3g63030: expressed protein
At3g63060: expressed protein
At3g63180: expressed protein
At3g63190: expressed protein
At3g63270: expressed protein
At3g63290: expressed protein
At3g63300: expressed protein
At3g63310: hypothetical protein
At3g63360: hypothetical protein
At3g63390: expressed protein
At4g00010: expressed protein
At4g00130: hypothetical protein
At4g00140: hypothetical protein
At4g00231: expressed protein
At4g00234: hypothetical protein
At4g00250: expressed protein
At4g00290: expressed protein
At4g00310: expressed protein
At4g00355: expressed protein
At4g00370: expressed protein
At4g00380: expressed protein
At4g00390: expressed protein
At4g00400: expressed protein
At4g00410: expressed protein
At4g00416: hypothetical protein
At4g00450: expressed protein
At4g00460: hypothetical protein
At4g00525: expressed protein
At4g00530: hypothetical protein
At4g00580: hypothetical protein
At4g00585: expressed protein
At4g00640: hypothetical protein
At4g00650: expressed protein
At4g00670: hypothetical protein
At4g00695: hypothetical protein
At4g00752: expressed protein
At4g00770: expressed protein
At4g00820: expressed protein
At4g00895: expressed protein
At4g00905: expressed protein
At4g00955: expressed protein
At4g01080: expressed protein
At4g01110: hypothetical protein
At4g01140: expressed protein
At4g01170: hypothetical protein
At4g01180: hypothetical protein
At4g01220: expressed protein
At4g01230: hypothetical protein
At4g01240: hypothetical protein
At4g01260: hypothetical protein
At4g01290: expressed protein
At4g01360: expressed protein
At4g01390: hypothetical protein
At4g01510: expressed protein
At4g01535: hypothetical protein
At4g01575: expressed protein
At4g01590: expressed protein
At4g01650: expressed protein
At4g01670: expressed protein
At4g01750: expressed protein
At4g01780: hypothetical protein
At4g01870: expressed protein
At4g01897: expressed protein
At4g01995: expressed protein
At4g02090: expressed protein
At4g02110: hypothetical protein
At4g02270: expressed protein
At4g02350: expressed protein
At4g02400: expressed protein
At4g02550: expressed protein
At4g02660: expressed protein
At4g02800: expressed protein
At4g02830: expressed protein
At4g02920: expressed protein
At4g02990: expressed protein
At4g03130: hypothetical protein
At4g03420: expressed protein
At4g03440: hypothetical protein
At4g03450: expressed protein
At4g03470: hypothetical protein
At4g03540: hypothetical integral membrane protein common family
At4g03565: hypothetical protein
At4g03820: expressed protein
At4g03940: hypothetical protein
At4g04030: hypothetical protein
At4g04400: hypothetical protein
At4g04404: hypothetical protein
At4g04480: hypothetical protein
At4g04525: hypothetical protein
At4g04860: expressed protein
At4g04955: expressed protein
At4g04980: hypothetical protein
At4g07940: hypothetical protein
At4g08140: hypothetical protein
At4g08550: hypothetical protein
At4g08600: hypothetical protein
At4g09520: expressed protein
At4g09630: expressed protein
At4g09680: expressed protein
At4g09780: hypothetical protein
At4g09980: expressed protein
At4g10220: hypothetical protein
At4g10280: expressed protein
At4g10600: expressed protein
At4g11220: expressed protein
At4g11670: expressed protein
At4g11690: hypothetical protein
At4g11720: hypothetical protein
At4g11780: hypothetical protein
At4g11990: hypothetical protein
At4g12090: hypothetical protein
At4g12240: hypothetical proteins
At4g12370: hypothetical protein
At4g12610: hypothetical protein
At4g12690: expressed protein
At4g12790: expressed protein
At4g13120: hypothetical protein
At4g13270: expressed protein
At4g13345: expressed protein
At4g13350: expressed protein
At4g13370: expressed protein
At4g13400: expressed protein
At4g13530: expressed protein
At4g13670: expressed protein
At4g13680: hypothetical protein
At4g13800: expressed protein
At4g13870: expressed protein
At4g14100: expressed protein
At4g14120: hypothetical protein
At4g14310: expressed protein
At4g14605: expressed protein
At4g14620: expressed protein
At4g14720: expressed protein
At4g14740: expressed protein
At4g15050: expressed protein
At4g15056: hypothetical protein
At4g15120: expressed protein
At4g15890: expressed protein
At4g16100: expressed protein
At4g16144: expressed protein
At4g16146: expressed protein
At4g16490: expressed protein
At4g16530: expressed protein
At4g16540: hypothetical protein
At4g16560: hypothetical protein
At4g16745: expressed protein
At4g17080: expressed protein
At4g17370: expressed protein
At4g17610: hypothetical protein
At4g17650: expressed protein
At4g17680: conserved hypothetical protein
At4g17910: hypothetical protein
At4g17940: expressed protein
At4g17950: expressed protein
At4g18090: hypothetical protein
At4g18320: hypothetical protein
At4g18335: hypothetical protein
At4g18372: expressed protein
At4g18830: expressed protein
At4g19050: expressed protein
At4g19090: hypothetical protein
At4g19240: hypothetical protein
At4g19400: expressed protein
At4g19490: expressed protein
At4g19650: hypothetical protein
At4g19880: expressed protein
At4g19950: expressed protein
At4g19970: hypothetical protein common family
At4g19980: hypothetical protein
At4g20040: expressed protein
At4g20095: hypothetical protein
At4g20250: hypothetical protein
At4g20470: hypothetical protein
At4g20480: expressed protein
At4g20490: hypothetical protein
At4g20510: hypothetical protein
At4g20520: hypothetical protein
At4g20710: hypothetical protein
At4g20715: hypothetical protein
At4g20720: expressed protein
At4g20730: hypothetical protein
At4g20810: hypothetical protein
At4g20960: expressed protein
At4g21010: expressed protein
At4g21105: expressed protein
At4g21140: hypothetical protein
At4g21210: expressed protein
At4g21215: expressed protein
At4g21350: hypothetical protein
At4g21540: expressed protein
At4g21700: hypothetical protein
At4g21850: expressed protein
At4g21860: expressed protein
At4g21920: hypothetical protein
At4g21970: hypothetical protein
At4g22020: hypothetical protein
At4g22150: expressed protein
At4g22212: expressed protein
At4g22230: expressed protein
At4g22270: expressed protein
At4g22280: expressed protein
At4g22290: expressed protein
At4g22410: hypothetical protein
At4g22430: hypothetical protein
At4g22560: expressed protein
At4g22650: hypothetical protein
At4g22745: expressed protein
At4g23040: expressed protein
At4g23160: hypothetical protein
At4g23790: expressed protein
At4g24080: hypothetical protein
At4g24150: hypothetical protein
At4g24220: expressed protein
At4g24230: expressed protein
At4g24340: expressed protein
At4g24380: expressed protein
At4g24450: expressed protein
At4g24660: expressed protein
At4g24750: expressed protein
At4g25070: hypothetical protein
At4g25290: hypothetical protein
At4g25580: expressed protein
At4g25850: expressed protein
At4g25870: expressed protein
At4g26020: hypothetical protein
At4g26190: expressed protein
At4g26240: expressed protein
At4g26370: expressed protein
At4g26500: expressed protein
At4g26690: expressed protein
At4g26730: hypothetical protein
At4g27435: expressed protein
At4g27460: expressed protein
At4g27540: expressed protein
At4g27660: hypothetical protein
At4g27970: expressed protein
At4g28000: hypothetical protein
At4g28080: expressed protein
At4g28085: expressed protein
At4g28260: expressed protein
At4g28290: expressed protein
At4g28580: expressed protein
At4g28690: hypothetical protein
At4g28790: expressed protein
At4g28910: expressed protein
At4g29200: hypothetical protein
At4g29550: expressed protein
At4g29710: hypothetical protein
At4g30060: expressed protein
At4g30350: expressed protein
At4g30670: expressed protein
At4g30720: expressed protein
At4g30850: expressed protein
At4g31020: expressed protein
At4g31130: expressed protein
At4g31350: expressed protein
At4g31875: expressed protein
At4g31890: expressed protein
At4g31980: expressed protein
At4g32050: expressed protein
At4g32180: expressed protein
At4g32200: expressed protein
At4g32210: expressed protein
At4g32270: expressed protein
At4g32340: expressed protein
At4g32900: expressed protein
At4g33050: expressed protein
At4g33100: hypothetical protein
At4g33110: expressed protein
At4g33120: expressed protein
At4g33380: expressed protein
At4g33630: expressed protein
At4g33770: expressed protein
At4g33980: expressed protein
At4g33985: expressed protein
At4g34060: hypothetical protein
At4g34215: expressed protein
At4g34290: expressed protein
At4g34320: hypothetical protein common family
At4g34730: expressed protein
At4g34920: expressed protein
At4g34950: expressed protein
At4g35070: conserved hypothetical protein
At4g35110: expressed protein
At4g35170: hypothetical protein
At4g35190: expressed protein
At4g35335: hypothetical protein
At4g35360: expressed protein
At4g35470: expressed protein
At4g35760: expressed protein
At4g35840: expressed protein
At4g35870: expressed protein
At4g35940: expressed protein
At4g35985: hypothetical protein
At4g36105: expressed protein
At4g36170: hypothetical protein
At4g36190: expressed protein
At4g36195: expressed protein
At4g36210: expressed protein
At4g36260: expressed protein
At4g36850: expressed protein
At4g36860: expressed protein
At4g36950: pseudogene, hypothetical protein
At4g37020: expressed protein
At4g37240: expressed protein
At4g37685: hypothetical protein
At4g37810: expressed protein
At4g37820: expressed protein
At4g37920: hypothetical protein
At4g38020: expressed protein
At4g38050: expressed protein
At4g38160: expressed protein
At4g38260: expressed protein
At4g38280: expressed protein
At4g38370: expressed protein
At4g38380: hypothetical protein
At4g38430: expressed protein
At4g38440: expressed protein
At4g38600: expressed protein
At4g38730: hypothetical protein
At4g38750: expressed protein
At4g38820: expressed protein
At4g39160: expressed protein
At4g39190: hypothetical protein
At4g39320: expressed protein
At4g39440: hypothetical protein
At4g39470: expressed protein
At4g39610: expressed protein
At4g39730: expressed protein
At4g40080: expressed protein
At5g01010: expressed protein
At5g01030: expressed protein
At5g01075: expressed protein
At5g01100: expressed protein
At5g01225: hypothetical protein
At5g01280: expressed protein
At5g01310: hypothetical protein
At5g01400: expressed protein
At5g01420: expressed protein
At5g01440: hypothetical protein
At5g01510: hypothetical protein
At5g01590: expressed protein
At5g01610: expressed protein
At5g01620: expressed protein
At5g01630: expressed protein
At5g01730: expressed protein
At5g01740: expressed protein
At5g01800: expressed protein
At5g01840: expressed protein
At5g01910: hypothetical protein
At5g02050: expressed protein
At5g02090: expressed protein
At5g02100: expressed protein
At5g02160: expressed protein
At5g02190: expressed protein
At5g02390: hypothetical protein
At5g02400: hypothetical protein
At5g02440: hypothetical protein
At5g02510: hypothetical protein
At5g02580: expressed protein
At5g02850: expressed protein
At5g03160: expressed protein
At5g03190: expressed protein
At5g03390: expressed protein
At5g03440: expressed protein
At5g03500: expressed protein
At5g03555: expressed protein
At5g03800: expressed protein
At5g03870: expressed protein
At5g04680: expressed protein
At5g04700: hypothetical protein
At5g04860: expressed protein
At5g05060: expressed protein
At5g05480: expressed protein
At5g05630: expressed protein
At5g05965: hypothetical protein
At5g06380: hypothetical protein
At5g06610: expressed protein
At5g06620: hypothetical protein
At5g06800: hypothetical protein
At5g06970: expressed protein
At5g07790: expressed protein
At5g07900: expressed protein
At5g07950: expressed protein
At5g08150: hypothetical protein
At5g08170: expressed protein
At5g08270: hypothetical protein (fragment at BAC end)
At5g08600: hypothetical protein
At5g09210: hypothetical protein
At5g09580: hypothetical protein
At5g09600: expressed protein
At5g09610: hypothetical protein
At5g09710: hypothetical protein
At5g09720: expressed protein
At5g09840: expressed protein
At5g09995: expressed protein
At5g10210: expressed protein
At5g10320: expressed protein
At5g10410: expressed protein
At5g10680: hypothetical protein
At5g11550: expressed protein
At5g11560: expressed protein
At5g11580: expressed protein
At5g11610: expressed protein
At5g11780: expressed protein
At5g12010: expressed protein
At5g12240: hypothetical protein
At5g12260: expressed protein
At5g12920: hypothetical protein
At5g12980: expressed protein
At5g13030: expressed protein
At5g13060: expressed protein
At5g13210: expressed protein
At5g13260: expressed protein
At5g13640: expressed protein
At5g13660: expressed protein
At5g13720: expressed protein
At5g13825: hypothetical protein
At5g13880: expressed protein
At5g13920: hypothetical protein
At5g14150: expressed protein
At5g14330: expressed protein
At5g14440: expressed protein
At5g14550: expressed protein
At5g14600: expressed protein
At5g14790: expressed protein
At5g14810: hypothetical protein
At5g14890: expressed protein
At5g14920: expressed protein
At5g15370: hypothetical protein
At5g15380: hypothetical protein
At5g15480: hypothetical protein
At5g15580: expressed protein
At5g16080: expressed protein
At5g16170: hypothetical protein
At5g16320: expressed protein
At5g16360: expressed protein
At5g16680: expressed protein
At5g17590: hypothetical protein
At5g17640: expressed protein
At5g17660: expressed protein
At5g18230: expressed protein
At5g18250: expressed protein
At5g18340: hypothetical protein
At5g18650: expressed protein
At5g18850: expressed protein
At5g19380: expressed protein
At5g19420: expressed protein
At5g19520: expressed protein
At5g19670: expressed protein
At5g20060: expressed protein
At5g20170: expressed protein
At5g20270: expressed protein
At5g20670: expressed protein
At5g22590: hypothetical protein
At5g22890: expressed protein
At5g22930: hypothetical protein
At5g23040: expressed protein
At5g23470: hypothetical protein
At5g23650: hypothetical protein
At5g23890: expressed protein
At5g24000: expressed protein
At5g24313: expressed protein
At5g24600: expressed protein
At5g24650: expressed protein
At5g24790: hypothetical protein
At5g24920: hypothetical protein
At5g25170: expressed protein
At5g25210: expressed protein
At5g25460: expressed protein
At5g25475: expressed protein
At5g25540: expressed protein
At5g25770: expressed protein
At5g25950: hypothetical protein
At5g26050: hypothetical protein
At5g26260: expressed protein
At5g26300: hypothetical protein
At5g26610: expressed protein
At5g27280: expressed protein
At5g27290: expressed protein
At5g27390: expressed protein
At5g27990: expressed protein
At5g28463: hypothetical protein
At5g28660: hypothetical protein
At5g28910: expressed protein
At5g29000: expressed protein
At5g31412: hypothetical protein
At5g32420: hypothetical protein
At5g33415: hypothetical protein
At5g35057: hypothetical protein
At5g35460: expressed protein
At5g36680: hypothetical protein
At5g36770: expressed protein
At5g37550: expressed protein
At5g38090: hypothetical protein
At5g38150: expressed protein
At5g38300: expressed protein
At5g38320: hypothetical protein
At5g38600: expressed protein
At5g38980: expressed protein
At5g39410: expressed protein
At5g39690: hypothetical protein
At5g39785: expressed protein
At5g39865: expressed protein
At5g40270: expressed protein
At5g40450: expressed protein
At5g40595: hypothetical protein
At5g40640: expressed protein
At5g40790: hypothetical protein
At5g41320: hypothetical protein
At5g41330: expressed protein
At5g42010: expressed protein
At5g42050: expressed protein
At5g42060: expressed protein
At5g42430: hypothetical protein
At5g42900: expressed protein
At5g43580: hypothetical protein
At5g43680: expressed protein
At5g43745: expressed protein
At5g44450: expressed protein
At5g44600: hypothetical protein
At5g44680: expressed protein
At5g45030: expressed protein
At5g45440: expressed protein
At5g45490: expressed protein
At5g45530: hypothetical protein
At5g45630: hypothetical protein
At5g45720: hypothetical protein
At5g45850: expressed protein
At5g46500: expressed protein
At5g46640: expressed protein
At5g46720: expressed protein
At5g47050: expressed protein
At5g48240: hypothetical protein
At5g48350: hypothetical protein
At5g48385: expressed protein
At5g48500: expressed protein
At5g48690: hypothetical protein
At5g48790: expressed protein
At5g49710: expressed protein
At5g49900: expressed protein
At5g49960: hypothetical protein
At5g50240: expressed protein
At5g50290: hypothetical protein
At5g50360: expressed protein
At5g50470: hypothetical protein
At5g51040: expressed protein
At5g51170: expressed protein
At5g51340: expressed protein
At5g51530: hypothetical protein
At5g51800: expressed protein
At5g52190: expressed protein
At5g52270: hypothetical protein
At5g52290: hypothetical protein
At5g52410: expressed protein
At5g52540: expressed protein
At5g52550: expressed protein
At5g52560: expressed protein
At5g52890: expressed protein
At5g52900: expressed protein
At5g52910: expressed protein
At5g52960: expressed protein
At5g52990: expressed protein
At5g53230: hypothetical protein
At5g53390: expressed protein
At5g53670: hypothetical protein
At5g53770: expressed protein
At5g53905: hypothetical protein
At5g54120: expressed protein
At5g54150: hypothetical protein
At5g54360: hypothetical protein
At5g54430: expressed protein
At5g54440: expressed protein
At5g54550: expressed protein
At5g54630: expressed protein
At5g54730: expressed protein
At5g54880: expressed protein
At5g54980: expressed protein
At5g55510: expressed protein
At5g55520: hypothetical protein
At5g55540: expressed protein
At5g55640: expressed protein
At5g55710: expressed protein
At5g56050: hypothetical protein
At5g56325: hypothetical protein
At5g56340: expressed protein
At5g56520: expressed protein
At5g56700: expressed protein
At5g56900: expressed protein
At5g56910: expressed protein
At5g56980: expressed protein
At5g56990: hypothetical protein
At5g57000: expressed protein
At5g57010: expressed protein
At5g57130: expressed protein
At5g57480: hypothetical protein
At5g57640: hypothetical protein
At5g57780: expressed protein
At5g57815: expressed protein
At5g57910: expressed protein
At5g58000: expressed protein
At5g58410: conserved hypothetical protein
At5g58575: expressed protein
At5g58580: hypothetical protein
At5g58740: expressed protein
At5g58880: hypothetical protein
At5g58920: expressed protein
At5g59080: expressed protein
At5g59470: expressed protein
At5g60150: hypothetical protein
At5g60250: hypothetical protein
At5g60260: hypothetical protein
At5g60370: expressed protein
At5g60400: expressed protein
At5g60560: hypothetical protein
At5g60880: hypothetical protein
At5g61180: hypothetical protein
At5g61190: expressed protein
At5g61230: expressed protein
At5g61450: expressed protein
At5g62070: expressed protein
At5g62240: hypothetical protein
At5g62290: expressed protein
At5g62400: hypothetical protein
At5g62550: expressed protein
At5g62840: expressed protein
At5g63080: hypothetical protein
At5g63160: expressed protein
At5g63300: hypothetical protein
At5g63350: expressed protein
At5g63540: hypothetical protein
At5g63740: hypothetical protein
At5g63910: expressed protein
At5g64500: expressed protein
At5g64510: expressed protein
At5g64540: hypothetical protein
At5g64690: expressed protein
At5g64710: expressed protein
At5g64816: expressed protein
At5g65000: expressed protein
At5g65480: expressed protein
At5g65610: hypothetical protein
At5g65840: expressed protein
At5g65880: expressed protein
At5g66055: expressed protein
At5g66090: expressed protein
At5g66230: expressed protein
At5g66250: expressed protein
At5g66270: expressed protein
At5g66370: hypothetical protein
At5g66410: expressed protein
At5g66480: expressed protein
At5g66490: expressed protein
At5g66550: expressed protein
At5g66630: expressed protein
At5g66640: expressed protein
At5g66780: expressed protein
At5g66815: expressed protein
At5g66840: hypothetical protein
At5g67350: expressed protein
At5g67370: expressed protein
At5g67480: expressed protein
At5g67590: expressed protein
At5g67600: expressed protein
At5g67620: expressed protein